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Review update and News

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know what's going on with reviews on the site.

As you may know by my reviews, and limited number of them so far I am new to writing reviews.  This is something I aim to get better at, and would really like to incorperate more videos from my YouTube channel into my reviews as well.

I am currently working on a few reviews that will be coming in the following days / week.
The first one I am working on now is Beseige.  This is a really fun game and I really look forward to getting a review up soon.  I am also working on a "Let's Play / Review" video series for Beseige as well.  The first video will be online within a day (takes a while to upload).

After Beseige, I will be working on Medieval Engineers, and Hand of Fate!  These two games are looking to be quite nice as well.  I have played a little bit of Medieval Engineers so far, but not Hand of Fate.

One last thing for now,  I'd love it if you could help me ou…

Hero of the kingdom 2

It all starts peacefully until pirates attack the small fishing village and take your sister!  Now I must save her and help whoever I can to gain trust and fame.  Those pirates will be stopped!

Hero of the Kingdom II is a really nice game with a unique play style.  You help out anyone you can and learn about the village, and people there. 

The game does a great job with art and sound.  However, there were some times when I felt “stuck” and not able to move forward in the story.  This was because there are things that you can pick up, but you really need to look for them.  Things like crates, grains, and other trinkets scattered around the world.

Since the game is story driven I don’t want to spoil the game for you, but I do want to say that I definitely enjoyed the game and recommend it to anyone that enjoys casual, story driven games.
As you play the game more features become available, such as inventory, and a map that use can use for fast travel.

*EDIT*  I wanted to make a quick note ab…

Advanced System Care Pro / Ultimate

I have been using Advanced System Care Ultimate for the past few weeks and it has been a great experience.  ASC is a program from IOBit that takes care of your computer and protects it from things like system slowdowns, registry errors, malware, and a lot more.
I typically don’t use programs like this, not since Norton Systemworks.   I find these programs are bloated and resource hogs.  Advanced System Care is totally different.  It has not slowed my system down at all, in fact I find performance has been better than normal, and having it take care of problems automatically has been a great thing. 
ASC scans your system for many things as you can see in this screen shot. 

Advanced System Care Ultimate comes with a large list of tools to help keep your PC running in top shape.  Some of my favorite tools are the Disk Cleaner, and Start up Manager.  There seems to be a tool for anything you could need on your PC.  One thing to keep in mind is that these tools are separate programs that get…

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a simple, yet complicated game that puts you in deep space in charge of your destiny.
When I first started playing Space Engineers it was a little overwhelming to me, but this isn’t a bad thing.  I was really excited to see just how much I could do.  At the time I had no idea what was possible, I thought it was a “Minecraft in space” type game.  Well, saying that is just flat out wrong.  It is much more.
After playing the game for a short time I got more familiar with the controls and basics of how the game works.  I started my adventures in Survival mode because I do enjoy the process of building up a space station and fleet of ships from scratch.  This can be a daunting task at first, as Space Engineers has many components, and ores to be mined in order to get the materials needed to get started.
In the beginning you need to get ores that can be refined into ingots which in turn you use to assemble parts and components to further build your ships and stations.  Minin…

The Forest

The following review is based on the Alpha 0.02 build of The Forest.
It all starts with a terrible plane crash on some remote island.  At first as I look around it’s not so bad.  There seems to be plenty of supplies and lots of wood to build a shelter and survive.  Then… in the distance I see them.  Mutants!  Not something I want to deal with right now.  After sneaking away from the plane crash I found a nice spot by the beach to build a shelter and get some food.  Now, as I settle in for the night, I realize that I am not alone here in The Forest!

I’m a big time fan of survival games and so far the forest is the game that looks the most promising to me.  I really love that I have to build a shelter and survive off the land.  I really hope the future updates add to this aspect of the game.
As for the Mutants, they definitely get in the way of surviving!  Seems like they don’t enjoy having anyone new on their island.  
I've played with, and without the Mutants (via a mod) and as much…

New Home for Tiger Reviews!

After being hosted with GoDaddy for the past year I have moved to blogger as my new host.

I want to be able to continue with the game reviews and have a stable provider without worrying about losing files etc.

So, here we are.  Over the next few days I will be getting everything in order and working on several reviews as well.

Currently I am working on the following reviews:

Raven's CrySpace EngineersIOBit SoftwareAdvanced System Care Ultimate 8Malware Fighter ProAdvanced Mobile CareSimVentureOdds are Space Engineers will be completed first, and I am currently waiting for Raven's Cry to see if it gets some updates in the following week.
Please check back and follow me on twitter for more updates.