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Advanced System Care Pro / Ultimate

I have been using Advanced System Care Ultimate for the past few weeks and it has been a great experience.  ASC is a program from IOBit that takes care of your computer and protects it from things like system slowdowns, registry errors, malware, and a lot more.

I typically don’t use programs like this, not since Norton Systemworks.   I find these programs are bloated and resource hogs.  Advanced System Care is totally different.  It has not slowed my system down at all, in fact I find performance has been better than normal, and having it take care of problems automatically has been a great thing. 

ASC scans your system for many things as you can see in this screen shot. 

Advanced System Care Ultimate comes with a large list of tools to help keep your PC running in top shape.  Some of my favorite tools are the Disk Cleaner, and Start up Manager.  There seems to be a tool for anything you could need on your PC.  One thing to keep in mind is that these tools are separate programs that get downloaded on the first use.

So, why review ASC on my game review site?  Well, this product from IOBit does a great job of keeping your PC running smoothly and indirectly this is good for gamers and all PC users.  If you do a lot of downloading ASC keeps you protected from viruses and malware. 

IOBit has many other products that keep your PC protected and running as fast as possible.  Check out their site and see what they can do for you.  All their products have a free version to use. 

I highly recommend the ASC for all PC users.  The cost for the Pro version is only $19.99 and just $29.99 for the Ultimate version.  At this price it's a great deal and well worth it.

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