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Evolution, and Climate Change!

#This is only a rough draft, not complete or structured properly

For as long as life has been evolving it has always been at the mercy of the planet and environment.   The first mass extinction, I believe, took place because a massive amount of Oxygen was released by carbon absorbing life… The oxygen was a “poison” of sorts to that life and ended up killing it, paving the way for more advanced life to arise and evolve.  Creatures first coming out of the oceans died because they could not breath air.  Evolution over millions of years adapted life to grow lungs, to breath air, and to thrive.  Only 1, possibly 2 external events have interrupted this natural course of evolution.  ~65 – 66 Million and ~300 Million years ago an asteroid impact threw chaos into life and evolution in ways unimaginable.  We know the outcome, but we don’t know the suffering and death that occurred during the aftermath when the air became toxic, and food was scarce.  The very world that guided evolution to make it safe, and livable became instantly poisonous and deadly.  I bring this up only because I believe we as humans have become the asteroid, and soon, the fate of the dinosaurs will not be so different then our own. 
Green House Gas emissions have been on the rise for over 100 years now.  The combustible engine became one of humankinds greatest inventions, and everyone wanted a piece of the profits.  Introducing the Oil and Gas Industry.  The very dinosaurs that died such a tragic death, left behind their corpses, which became Fossil Fuel.  Greed and Power have essentially made this the most powerful industry in the world.  So large in fact, the GDP of many small nations cannot rival that of the richest Oil company, ExxonMobil.  ExxonMobil had a very skilled scientific team of researchers and conducted very through testing and modelling to examine the potential effects/dangers of burning fossil fuels.  Their results were not favorable.  The CO2 emissions were likely going to lead to a global warming of several degrees.  Temperature was the consideration because it has the greatest impact on the environment.  Warmer oceans will change currents, and intensify storms,  warmer air will melt the polar ice caps and lead to rising sea levels, warmer air leads to drought and crop failures, etc, etc…  This is our mistake.  We THINK the environment matters only in how it effects US.  When in fact, we are ignoring how fragile we really are.  Temperature means nothing if our lungs cannot breath in poisonous air.  CO2, as of this writing is 413 parts per million in our atmosphere.  350ppm is considered a dangerous level.  We have over the last 100 years rapidly changed the earth’s atmosphere without even thinking about how we can EVOLVE to that change.  This may not be as instant as an asteroid impact, but the outcome will be the same.  A poisonous, hostile, deadly world that we, and most species cannot survive in.  This type of change in atmosphere should happen over 100’s of 1000’s of years, not 100. 


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